Parents & Guardians: Traffickers will target children and youth who are disconnected, and/or feeling unloved. The primary tool for targeting children is the internet. Each week I will offer you tips to empower you with tools to prevent and/or intervene if your child is being targeted. I also provide you with the critical actions steps to take if your child does go missing.

  • Ghost Accounts: Contact your internet and cellular providers and ask them how many users / cloud accounts are associated with your services. If there are more accounts than persons in your home, and / or family, then it is likely there are “Ghost Accounts” being used by your teenager. These accounts are often used to hide photos and other social media interaction from adult supervision. If you suspect you have “ghost accounts” bring it up with your provider as to methods of security and parental controls you can enable on your account. Watch for text messages referring to “#Finsta” or “Spam” as both refer to secret online social media accounts.
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