Parents & Guardians: Traffickers will target children and youth who are disconnected, and/or feeling unloved. The primary tool for targeting children is the internet. Each week I will offer you tips to empower you with tools to prevent and/or intervene if your child is being targeted. I also provide you with the critical actions steps to take if your child does go missing.

Go see a Movie: I strongly suggest all parents and guardians go see the movie “I Am Jane Doe”. This documentary exposes the very lucrative selling of American Child online. Out of date language in the Communications and Decency Act makes it possible for online e-commerce and online media sites to legally profit from the sale of women and children for sex online. This movie exposes these practices and how it effects every day Americans.

Screenings of “I Am Jane Doe” are happening around the country. If you are in San Antonio, Texas in January 2018 please join me at the screening at Alamo Draft House at 4:00 p.m. on January 18th, 2018. “I Am Jane Doe” is also available on Netflix.

I also strongly suggest the movie “Hot Girls Wanted” available on Netflix. It follows everyday American Girls recruited into porn and sex trade through online media.

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